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Since the beginning of his career in early 2024, Miist is currently the independent number 1 on USA AC and the top 27 of the US Billboard AC with Move Your Body Slowly. She charted in the top 5 in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, consistent with her previous singles (iTunes Pop). She has a rotation on MTV/Much Music, many DRT and FM radio shows. She works with multi-Grammy producers: Narada, Michael Walden and Tony Succar and has just recorded her first Spanish song which will be released in August 2024 ((Que La Música te Llene/ Let The Music Fill You) with her debut album.

Move Your Body Slowly

Miist was not a child musical prodigy. She had no idea she could write music until the spring of 2022, when at 33, a friend of hers insisted she could write and she argued otherwise. She decided to prove her friend wrong by trying, by anticipating failure. That day, she wrote 3 songs and her story began.

Over the 24 months

In the 24 months since, she has completed more than 60 songs, including 8 co-written with Narada Michael Walden, one of Billboard Music's top 10 music producers of all time (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin) and currently writing with Tony Succar.

A light and an inspiration for the world

Narada describes her as "a light and an inspiration to the world" with "beautiful writing" and a "warm voice". Miist is a true chameleon of the genre who writes and performs a wide variety of music ranging from pop and disco to dance and contemporary, but the overarching theme is, in his words, "meaningful music for a difficult world." Music created with a soaring voice and beautiful lyrics wrapped in meaningful stories that evoke an emotional response as well as beating rhythms.

His dream

His dream is not one of glory but rather of connection. She writes about love and loss in beautiful and devastating relationships. Fathers, mothers, children and friendships that last forever. All those things that make life such a precious gift while challenging us to survive. Miist wants you to share her hopes, dreams and trials with her. Maybe by doing this together, we will find a way out.