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NEXT GEN radio featuring the best progressive techno house mixes from around the world live from Canada. We also change the new releases received directly from the production companies.

Tous en boîte is above all the passion for music, music that moves and keeps you up until the end of the night 24/7. And this has been the case for many years now.

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Music without limits

DJs at your service
The team of Tous en boite is at your disposal to supply your radio, jingles, podcasts and more. Do you have a desire, a question? Contact us!
A passion for more than 30 years
Tous en boites started in a room and then in the Parisian clubs of the 90s, then it continued on the radio before ending up with you on the Web!
Radio all in a box the discoveries
RTEB or the radio all in a box, we make you discover new talents 

A few episodes...

All in a Box / 10

All in a Box / 06

All in a Box / 01