Cristian Marchi

All in a Box Cristian Marchi

Cristian Marchi is a well-known Italian DJ and record producer, born in Mantua in 1976.
His musical career began in the late 90s, and thanks to his musical eclecticism and his ability to mix different genres, he quickly gained popularity in Italy and later internationally, thanks to his discography.
Among his most notable hits are the songs "Love, Sex, American Express" and "We Are Perfect," which earned him significant national and international recognition.

Late Nights feat. George Syre

A skilled communicator, always attentive to change but with a style that represents him, he is undoubtedly a mentor and inspiration to many DJs of the new generation.
His artistic versatility and passion for music have made him one of the most beloved DJs of his genre, performing in clubs, events and festivals in Italy and abroad for 30 years.